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Our company was etablished In 1978. By our understanding of service quality and with help of our customers support we carried Bmcolor till today.

We have always been modest and reliable in our sector activities over 30 years. Our approach was based not only on stability and permanence but also on our understanding of service quality and customer-focused, global resources and our responsibility to the environment and ensure respect for human beings.

Today we combine our new vision with our experiences and resources in order realise invesments which will carry BMCOLOR to future.

Our investments are not limited with buildings, facilities and the field. We adopt the idea of empoworing our investment policy in production, logistics infrastructure and research and development, we with our latest technologies and management systems.

As BMCOLOR we not only share our excitement of meeting the future with our customers but also make a commitment to continue to serve with our our service and product quality in a constantly growing level for many years.

Ömer Asım ERALP
Founder President
BMCOLOR's, investment and growing strategy is focused on technological development. Our basic approach is adopting the principle of competition advantage and service quality can only be achived by advanced and modern systems, quality of service and competitive. In our 10.000 m2 two factory facilities we produce and serve with not only with latest technology equipment, but also with quality control laboratories and R&D department (The third factory building is under construction).
BMCOLOR system structure is designed as a customer-focused system, also the company's entire infrastructure is integrated to meet and understand the demands of the customer at the same time.

BMCOLOR's system detection is based on providing high service quality while the whole organisation is working in coordination with a consistency. BMCOLOR's all logistics elements and sections like research and development, production, supply, maintenance, shipment have been operating within an organizational structure where all are sensitive to customer demands and market requirements.

In trade activities BMCOLOR's , approach is based on trust and credibility within the implementation of the management systems approach, customer satisfaction, employee safety and environmental responsibility.
BMCOLOR's products are used for printing assortments, paper, cardboard, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC cellophane, tin and aluminum pressure used in the sheet offset, web offset, flexo, rotogravure inks, metal packaging industry, internal and external pressure, varnishes, enamels, tin offset inks.

Also in accordance with customer demands new product developments are always available.
Together with BMCOLOR's existing product range, new requirements of customers for specific products are quickly produced with help of Research and Development department, quick processing and technological capabilities.
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Offset Products; Sheetfed Inks, Coldset Inks. Solvent Based Liquid Products; Flexographic Inks, Rotogravure Inks, NC Dispensing Pastes, Primer Lacquers, Overprint Lacquers, Heatseal Lacquers, Release Lacquers, Ink Additives. Water Based Liquid Products; Flexographic Inks, Rollercoater Inks.
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